AZARA TULUM at Aldea Zama is one of a kind among all other developments in the area, we have taken good care to be original, using some authentic ancestral mayan building methods with high end commodities using natural artistic finishings in the walls and the pools which is called chukum, LED lightning, air conditioning, all tropical wood, stone sink, hand made tiles, private pool in most apartments, and a large pool in common area, grill area with bathrooms, gardens, and a waterfall.

18 Apartments one, two and three bedrooms available

Prices starting at 161,000 USD

Alberto Zizumbo  Asesor alberto.remax.tulum CEL + (984) 113 4139 - From Abroad + 52 1 (984) 113 4139 Whatsapp OFFICE  + 52 (984) 871 2957 & + (305) 712-2208 Direct US/Canada, Rings in Tulum Ave Cobá, Manzana 09, Lote 01, Local 2, X Carr. Federal 307 Ave.Tulum y Calle Polar Ote. Tulum, CP 77780, Quintana Roo, México. Junto a OXXO | Next to OXXO Google Map GPS & Navigation Blog with us at Word Press, We are on Facebook and Twitter Linked-Inn to me now, find us on FourSquare, & Check out our Yutube Channel 
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